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Master Angler Pro Leave No Trace Code

The Master Angler Pro socially and environmentally responsible angling code:

  1. Be safe - plan ahead and follow any signs or fishery rules

  2. Leave gates and property as you find them

  3. Protect plants and animals.

  4. Do not take undersized fish (Game (Fly) & Saltwater (Sea))

  5. Do not remove fish from a fishery (Freshwater (Coarse))

  6. Catch and release as quickly as possible

  7. Use a landing net whenever possible

  8. Take your litter home

  9. Remove fishing line, hooks, weights and terminal tackle from the environment when ever you see it, safely.

  10. If you find another anglers litter don't ignore it, don't just report it, REMOVE it.

  11. Consider other people

  12. Take personal responsibility for your own actions.

  13. Respect people’s privacy and peace of mind.

  14. Help land, fishery managers and others to work safely and effectively.

  15. Care for your environment.

  16. Keep your dog under proper control.

  17. Take extra care if you are organising an event or running a business.

  18. If you see another angler abusing the code - CHALLENGE, EDUCATE & ADVISE - whilst keeping safe

Protect yours and our Fishing future



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A fathers advice - responsible angling

My father Roy passed away a few years ago and Master Angler Pro is something I have created as his legacy. If there is one thing I can pass on to you is this: If you see something wrong in the world y


Master Angler Pro
Master Angler Pro
Mar 21, 2018

Support Master Angler Pro Leave no Trace with a crowd fund donation either through our buy stuff page or visit our project page changing the world takes time, patients and the generous support of people who care about Angling, the environment and how we are seen in the wider social arena.

Time to change, make a stand, be counted and stop pretending nothing is wrong!


Master Angler Pro
Master Angler Pro
Mar 16, 2018

We found this bag of rubbish in the bushes behind peg 10 on Bayeswater day ticket lake this week ! Thank you Gary Bayes for allowing us to use and post this image.

This is an example of what Master Angler Pro Leave No Trace is all about and attempting to fight against. It is happening all over the country everywhere inshore and coastal. We as responsible anglers must change the culture from within and change the mindsets of everyone to make this socially unacceptable behaviour. Whilst there are many great clean up causes out there Angling Trust Take 5 campaign for example they only deal with the aftermath of poor irresponsible behaviour and not with the root cause behaviours.…


Mar 15, 2018

Brilliant idea, we should all do more to keep our fisheries and water ways clean. I'll certainly be keeping the this code


Master Angler Pro
Master Angler Pro
Mar 12, 2018

Master Angler Pro Leave No Trace philosophy, code and campaign isn't just aimed at responsible anglers as most of us already show responsibility for the environments we fish in, it is aimed at the few who need to be advised and educated about what is responsible angling and the non-anglers who seem to want to blame all the anglers for the environmental problems facing all our waterways and shorelines.

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