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  • Why do I need to be a member?
    You dont have to be a member you can access the rest of the site without membership
  • Why should I donate to Master Angler Pro?
    You dont have to donate but we are a fledgling business by anglers for anglers and we need support to finnish our App. If you dont want to donte you can still support us by either: Purchasing products or telling everyone to visit us at
  • Who is Master Angler Pro?
    Master Angler Pro is an App designed by Anglers for Anglers to easily capture and store fishing catch data from your fishing sessions with advanced analytics to review the data. ​ We are a small group of anglers who love fishing and have found it difficult to find products that work effectivly so we decided to make our own, but we are not App developers, security experts or environmental guru's and to make our program a reality it takes money to pay those who are. Please visit our about, dedication and thanks pages for more information
  • If I order how long until I get my product?
    3-5 business days
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