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To Dad

Dedicated to

Roy Kenneth Bilson


May you fish in peace

Roy K Bilson
Roy K Bilson & Chance the dog
Roy K Bilson coarse fishing
Roy K Bilson and Doggie
Roy K Bilson and a nice plaice

If it wasn't for this man, my Dad, Roy, Master Angler Pro would not exist in any form. My Dad possibly the greatest fisherman ever! (well in my opinion) taught me everything I know about the world, life and of course fishing. 

Our Dads greatest passion after me, my sister, his Grandchildren, his family, his friends and of course not forgetting Chance his dog was fishing, whether it be course, carp, Pike, boat, beach or fly fishing any chance he got he would be fishing. He regularly fished Rykneld Lake in Derbyshire, often taking part in matches....he even won the odd one or two!

He also looked forward to his fishing trips each year with his friends Dale, Levi & Dave many a tale would be told of the fishing, the friendship and the practical jokes that they played on each other, when he returned and of course stories of the ones that got away.

Every year I would take my Dad and two sons fishing on the south coast in Seaton and Lyme Regis and we would compete against each other for the glory of our biggest fish trophy. I would capture all our catch data and put it in an Excel spreadsheet to see who was winning (shame there isn't an App for that!)

Since Dad passed away every year we hold the RKB Memorial Fishing Competition to comemorate Dad and his love of fishing


Our Dad had strong opinions on many aspects of life; political, social, work, fishing................Our Dad and our Uncle Les would often & heatedly debate issues of the day and I am sure that Heaven is ringing out to the sound of “But Brother” whilst the two of them are sat by the sea or a lake, river or canal catching fish and putting the world to rights..........

RoyBilson, Perry Bilson, Lewis Bilson Lyme Regis
Fishing Friends
Roy K Bilson

The Anglers Prayer


Lord grant me the peace of a cool, quiet stream

Where calm and contentment reign supreme

Here in solitude let me bide

Passing my days at the waterside

All I ask is a rod, line and bait

And for the fish I am willing to wait

For down by the river my thought is unfurled;

I’m happy at heart and at peace with the world

And God grant that I May Catch a fish

So big that even I

When speaking of it afterwards

Shall have no reason to tell a lie


Roy Kenneth Bilson

We miss you Dad

Roy Kenneth Bilson


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