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Master Angler Pro.COM

What is Master Angler
Master Angler is a brand, web site, fishing App and competition manager for fishing  


Master Angler is an obsession I have had for years. Although only recently giving it the brand name of Master Angler the idea, concept and creation of it has been on the go for over 30 years.

Firstly a fishing diary and secondly competition manager. Only in recent years has the technology been able to make this a reality.

Master Angler will be an App designed by Anglers for Anglers to easily capture and store fishing catch data from your fishing sessions with advanced analytics to review the data. There will also be the facility to compete in real time with a few of your mates. (Max 6)  When my family and friends go fishing with me it always ends up as a competition so this is an easy and simple way to see who won. 

Where did Master Angler begin?

Master Angler has been a labour of love for over 30 years. Starting out over 30 years ago a group of anglers, family and friends with a competitive spirit who enjoying Saltwater (Sea), Freshwater (Coarse) and Game (Fly) fishing at any opportunity, would regularly get together and see who was the Master Angler. We kept records of angling catches and of course seeing who had the biggest fish, most weight of fish, most fish, most species of fish and best specimen % fish.

Back in the day we used note pads and Polaroid cameras, which was impracticable in bad weather and expensive to use at best. The digital camera was a great invention but we were still keeping notes and records with pen and paper. Then along came affordable spread sheets like Lotus 123 and eventually Microsoft Excel. So then we introduced a points system too with rarer caught fish having more points than commonly caught fish. This meant that I would have to enter the information twice but the graphs looked really snazzy!

10 years ago along came smart phone technology and Apps. Great I thought. I purchased MS Office for the phone and with cloud storage started updated the spreadsheet there and then during the angling session. Have you ever tried entering data in to excel? its difficult at the best of times but when your catching its slow and laborious. Every year this fishing culminates in a sea fishing competition with trophies, medals and of cause greatest bragging rights. It was getting complicated, we needed an App! I've looked and looked for an App that would suit our needs, some were close but try as I might I haven't found one that works well enough or it was full of adverts, or the moment you used it the spam filter on my inbox went in to melt down. So I decided to look in to building my own. 


Designed and conceptualised by anglers for anglers we want to create an APP that is easy to use during a fishing session, for all types of angling with absolutely no adverts. We will not sell your information to third parties to fund development. The App is your portal to capture all your fishing data with advanced analytics to review your past sessions. I have created Ebisu Developments LTD to build the Master Angler Pro App and Brand and we had partnered with a software development company in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire. However after months of false promises and blatant lies this alleged developer who "could do anything" in software actually couldn't do it and left me on the verge of bankruptcy. I will be looking for a new partner to develop Master Angler App as soon as possible.

I want to ensure that Master Angler is always ad free, always socially and environmentally responsible with regards to angling and the angler and is as useful a tool to the angler as the rods and reels in your tackle box. Unfortunately this all costs money, I was close to finishing the first release of the Master Angler App until the alleged friend and developer stabbed me in the back


We need your support to finish and launch.

You can support Master Angler by:

  • Helping to find a new developer

  • If your a developer get in touch

  • Buy our Merchandise to fund Master Angler

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