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Art and Fishing?

Today I added to the Master Angler Pro website an Art Gallery Shop. People have been nagging at me for years to do something with my art and photography so I have.

When the fishing is not so good I always have a camera on hand to take some images and I then turn them into small pieces of art, its not for everyone but all my friends say its good (or are you all just being nice?)

I have about 50 finished pieces in my collection and I have selected a few of my favourites to go in the gallery.

This is possibly my favourite out of my collection (not for sale sorry)

This my friend Rachel caught in a moment of sillyness whilst on a cruise up the river Trent. She is a wonderfully beautiful expressive person and a self described water-gypsy.

Rachel now lives on her dream narrow boat moored on the river soar. Rachel loves being on the water, always of cruising at the drop of a hat and fishing when she can.

This is one of my pieces of art and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have sharing it with you.

Its not in the Gallery but there are many others to view.

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