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Carp fishing

Freshwater (Coarse) Fishing

Carp or predator, match or pleasure, float or ledger we have it covered

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Master Angler Pro App
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The plan to develop an APP is now on hold due to the software developer pulling out of the project. The developer either could not or would not deliver what he promised. We were let down on multiple delivery dates for the APP and given excuses each time. This left EBISU developments LTD and almost bankrupt.

We now have plans to re-launch the APP when it has been developed we are currently looking for potential developers.

Depending on your default settings, each time you record your catch Master Angler Pro the App will record all your data. All you have to do is select what species of fish, how big (specimen) or just add it to your keep net and weigh in at the end of the session. Master Angler Pro will always default as catch and release. 

Additional data automatically captured Depending on your set ups and defaults:

Date, Time, Location, weather conditions, on the shore, peg number, in a Boat, water temperature, water depth, Rod, Reel, main line, leader, Rig, weight, hook, bait, basically the more you set up the more data you can collect about you fishing session.

During the session use the analytics to review the session summary, at the end of the session generate a catch report you can email to the fishery, when you get home review all the analytics features on the PC and review the data in ways you never thought possible:

  • Review catches by rods, reels, baits, date, time, locations, weather

  • Review a single session or all your sessions

  • Review the fish you have caught by species, size, type

Analytics give you endless possibilities for reviewing you catches. Data is invaluable when improving your fishing the more data in the better information out and you improve your catch rate.

Master Angler Pro

by Anglers, For Anglers, No Adds, Personal Data safe


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